Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park Map and Aerial View of Facilities

A History of Racing, Business Success and Responsibility

Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park (FBMP) is the brainchild of Thomas E. Malloy and the Malloy Family Partners, LP. Tom Malloy is a highly successful business owner with racing in his blood that harkens to a golden era in the '40s and '50s when his father Emmett J. Malloy owned Sprint and Indy race cars, and built his own racetrack in the South Los Angeles area called Carrell Speedway.

Through his more recent racing efforts-first as a sponsor and later as a vintage racer-Tom Malloy was inspired to build his own track to meet the needs of the evolving vintage racing family. "Many of the people I was racing with wanted something more, another choice with something different, more amenities," says Malloy. "And since the loss of Riverside Raceway in the '80s, there's been only one other natural road-racing course in the LA area. It would be great to have more variety and opportunities for a wider range of events."

The people that have worked and raced with Tom Malloy recognize that he does not fit the classic "race promoter" profile. Instead, he sees the racetrack as an opportunity to create something fun and valuable that has the potential to serve a great number of people long after he's gone. And if operated with good business sense, respect for the community and environment, plus a little well-placed passion, the track should be sustainable for many years. Take a closer look at Tom Malloy.

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