Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park Map and Aerial View of Facilities


Malloy Family Partners, LP have been working diligently for more than seven years to develop an outstanding new recreational resource in the high desert north of Los Angeles. Everyone involved recognizes the potential impact such an enterprise can have on the environment and community and have worked hard to ensure the design and operation of the track will minimize any negative effects on the area while bringing many benefits.

In the process we have made every effort—often at considerable expense—to create a track design and operational plan that is ecologically responsible and community friendly. Potential issues such as noise, lighting, traffic, animal life and pollution have been carefully considered and appropriate mitigation measures have been put into the plan.

Minimizing our Footprint

On the surface, it’s not hard to understand why some would question the wisdom of locating a racetrack in close proximity to a state park such as the Poppy Reserve. But when the facts of the location, terrain, environment, design, usage plans and mitigation measures are clearly understood, the major concerns fade away or become minor.

Key Facts

  • Physical footprint – Just 140 acres of the 320-acre property will be graded for the project.
  • Views – The 300-foot high Fairmont Butte that defines the southern boundary of the project is a visual barrier (and natural sound deterrent) for our neighbor to the south, the Poppy Reserve.
  • Noise – L.A. County-approved certified testing has shown that racing vehicle sound is barely audible from footpaths on the Poppy Reserve closest to the racetrack site and often below the ambient level.
  • Noise Mitigation – The already minimal noise will be further reduced by placing strict limits on all racing vehicles, tested and enforced on-site.
  • Traffic – No large-scale commercial racing is contemplated and would not be allowed under the existing plan.
  • Lighting – Racing and testing activities would be held only during daylight hours. For the purposes of security and maintenance, “dark-sky lighting” will be used to minimize the effects on the surrounding area.
  • Frequency of Racing – Racing events will almost exclusively take place on weekends plus occasional Friday for related testing. No racing organization that we know of offers races during the week—it’s just not practical.
  • Biota – Independent studies show that while there will be some impact to habitat, there would be no impact to wildlife movement or to the Poppy Reserve.

Getting All the Facts Straight – Unfortunately, despite the facts clearly stated in the DEIR, a number of people in opposition to the project have made claims about the project that are false, inaccurate and contrary to the DEIR.

Commitment and Benefits to the Community

In addition to the recreational aspects, FBMP will also bring a number of important benefits to the area including:

  • Year-round employment opportunities for track operations, maintenance, security, etc.
  • Temporary employment opportunities during construction
  • Increased area commerce for local businesses
  • Valuable resources for community use

In the process of developing our plan for FBMP, we have reached out to the local community, including the neighboring Poppy Reserve, to openly communicate our plans and work through any concerns. This is because our goal is not simply to build a beautiful new motorsports park, but also to create a positive and lasting relationship with the larger community as a responsible neighbor. In fact, the community that would be most directly impacted by this project, Antelope Acres, has expressed its approval through its town council and with a recent petition.

Why Another Racetrack?

Some have asked “why do we need another racetrack in the Antelope Valley?” The answer is simple: Variety and availability. The road racing facilities that currently serve the greater L.A. area are fine courses in their own right, but FBMP is designed to offer a different, more upscale and comfortable experience that a number of enthusiasts crave but often do not find in Southern California. Plus, the tracks that are available are in heavy rotation, so getting desirable dates for events is often difficult. We don’t want to take business away from other facilities. Instead, we want to fill a need and desire that is not being met, and do so in a responsible and community-friendly way.

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